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How The Streets Became My Home.

How the streets became my home.

I do not know where my father is and I was told that my mother remarried elsewhere, so at home, it was just me and my grandmother for a while, but she also passed on. I started living on the streets after she passed on because nobody cared for me like she did when she was alive. I stopped school in primary four at Aywee Primary School when I was just eight years old and I have now been on the streets for about four years. Even while I was still studying, sometimes especially during holidays and weekends, I would disappear from home and I live on the streets since I felt free and did whatever I wanted on the streets. I survived on collecting and selling scraps and sometimes marijuana and when Corona broke out, life became hard because soldiers and police started raiding our hideouts and also patrolling the streets regularly so my movement became difficult at certain times of the night. Sam (Not real name)

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  1. It is a sad story. But my question is: Where is the role of clan and cultural leaders in these communities? Didn’t the grand mother also have relatives who could have taken care of this boy? Where is the heart of this boy’s mother? How can she remarry and forget that she has another child somewhere who is not well care for? Secondly, do LCs, School Management Committees; PTA Members as well as senior women/men teachers have any role tp play in the lives of these children? If they have what role is that and how can their role be used to save the lives and the future of these children? Could it be that there is something lacking legislatively by government for the sake of these children. Is it possible to pressure districts and government to identify land for children who were born in the bush and have no clan? Isn’t this an advocacy issue?
    Anyhow, thank you very much for passion and the love you are exhibiting towards this generation of children (born in captivity) with no clan. Education and skills training is the way to help them pave and shape their future.

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