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We Believe that We can get More
children off the streets with you

Faced with the realities of poverty and hopelessness, children who live and work on the streets often engage in criminal activities as a last resort for survival.
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Children in northern Uganda, unlike in other parts of the country have been and continue to be affected by the effect of the LRA insurgency in the region up to date.
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Most children end up in the street due to a variety of both pull and push factors ranging from poverty, war, lack of care from home, death of parents, violence at home, physical....
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Most community members look at children who live and work on the street as nuisances and perpetrators of violence in our midst.
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18Jul 20
How I Struggle To Make Ends Meet.

How I struggle to make ends meet.

In 2016, I dropped out of school when I was in Senior three studying at Lugazi High School because I couldn’t keep up with paying my school fees anymore. My mother…

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18Jul 20
Hunger Chased Me From Home

Hunger chased me from home

One day I was very hungry and I went to a friend’s home and ate from there thereafter I stayed for two days before returning to our home. When I returned…

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